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Farm Workshop #001 - recap

What a pure delight to have a gathering at the farm the other week!

It was a surly Friday evening, with clouds coming and going - until about 7pm, when the sky opened up and the setting sun shown through the back drop of our 100+ year old Cypress trees. If it sounds too dreamy, you're right. It was...

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Lavender harvest, on the farm.

My first year of harvesting our dry-farmed Lavender ‘Grosso’! Now available in the shop, in Half Moon Bay.
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Tousled by chance or by choice?

I’m firm in the belief of, fuck brushing my hair everyday.  I like my long hair, I’ve grown to love my grey hair, and I have come to terms with all the knots. Like, a lot of fucking knots. On good work days, My hair separates into sections and can be wrapped into a great...
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